Tri-School Trot raises $26,000 for Smithfield elementary schools


(Tina Pierson)

Students and teachers of Summit, Sunrise and — the new — Birch Creek elementary schools raised $26,000 for their schools at the Tri-School Trot Fundraiser held on Friday, September 17. Around 1,600 students participated in running laps at the Sky View high school track. Donors pledged funds to the schools for each lap ran by the students.

The hot, late summer sun beat down on the children as they splashed themselves with water from stations around the track. Yet it couldn’t beat down their spirits. This event was more than just a fundraiser, it was a reunion — for the children and the teachers.

With Summit and Sunrise switched to K-5 and a new elementary school, many students were separated from friends they’d made before the change. Friends laughed and played while waiting for their turn. Different colored shirts representing the three schools mingled in a mass of enthusiasm until they word was given to run.

Then they were off, not just students but also teachers and parents. The event went in waves with the youngest students running first then successive starts until the older students took their turn.

All told the schools raised $10,000 for Birch Creek and $8,000 each for Summit and Sunrise. Birch Creek plans to buy emergency kits for each classroom. Summit plans to buy new equipment including a laminator and die cut machine. Sunrise is looking to invest in technology upgrades.

Update: Sunrise raised over $10,500 and will give grants to teachers for non-disposable classroom supplies, not technology.


The Tri-School Trot organizers would like to thank all the individuals and companies who donated money, prizes and especially their time.

Corporate sponsors

  • A&W
  • Alpine
  • Axtell Taylor
  • Badger Screening
  • Bank of Utah
  • BATC
  • Bear Lake Dance
  • Bruce Godderidge, DDS
  • Cache Honda Yamaha
  • Cache Valley Specialty Hospital
  • Cook, Martin, Poulsen
  • Duo Logo
  • Every Bloomin’ Thing
  • Filbies
  • Firehouse Pizza
  • Grow with me Preschool
  • Icon
  • Kelly Electronics
  • Larry Neilson Construction
  • Lee’s Marketplace
  • Logan Marble
  • Magic Productions
  • McDonald’s
  • Northern Title
  • Onsite Screening
  • Paragon Medical
  • Paul Sorenson Insurance
  • Pizza Hut
  • Pizza Plus
  • Preston Watts
  • Real Heroes Posters
  • Sam’s Club
  • Smithfield Implement
  • State Farm
  • Stokes Car Audio
  • Subway
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • The Hearing Zone
  • Tim B. Belnap, DDS
  • Two Brothers Furniture
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wendy’s