Sky View High School Marching Band


In 2011, the Sky View Marching Band is performing music by Blue Man Group, Dave Brubeck and Frank Tichelli. The 2011 show features an authentic novelty instrument called a Tubulum which was handmade from more than 200 feet of PVC pipe.

Sky View High School Marching Band Students have been practicing this year’s show since June.

There are 135 students in the band this year, grades 9 – 12.

The Sky View Marching Band 2011 Show is titled “Rock Me Blue” with 5 movements:

  • “Your Attention, Please”
  • “Blue Rondo Ala Turk”
  • “Up to the Roof”
  • “I Feel Love”
  • “Blue Shades”

Sky View competes against other 5A division schools in what is called Open Class.

During competitions the band is judged on their performance, and trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. In addition, 4 Caption awards are given to those bands scoring the highest in the areas of General Effect, Musicality, Percussion, and Color Guard.

The Sky View Marching Band competitive season culminates in the Bands of America Regional Championships in St. George, Utah where they will compete against the top bands from 8 states in the western region, including bands from NV, CA, TX, ID, NM, WA, CO, and 9 other Utah marching bands.

In 2010, Sky View placed 5th at the Bands of America regional competition.

Sky View Marching Band is under the direction of Randall Beach with Drum Majors: Sarah Wood, McKenna Partridge, & Becky DeFriez.

The members of the Sky View Marching Band are very grateful for the support and encouragement from their wonderful families, the community, band sponsors, staff, and the Sky View Administration.

More information about the Sky View Marching Band, as well as videos of their 2011 performances, can be found at

Marching Band Vocabulary

Drumline: this includes student musician that play percussive instruments in both the Pit/Front Ensemble and the Battery.

Pit/Front Ensemble: This is the group of percussionists that do not march on the field but play the heavy instruments in the auxiliary area at the front of the field. Instruments vary and might included vibraphones, xylophones, marimba, gongs, cymbals, synthesizers, etc., as well as, a variety of small percussion instruments like the tambourine, triangle, shakers, ect.

Battery: This is the group of percussionist that march with their instruments on the field. They include the bass drummers, snare drummers, and the tenor drummers.

Hornline: This is the group of students that play non percussion instruments. They include all groups of wind instrument sections (ie woodwinds, low-brass, trumpets, flutes, ect.)

Drum Major: These are the students that conduct the band from podiums in the front, and sometimes side and back of the fields of play. They have a large role as leaders in the band organization as well.

Adjudicators: these are the men and women that judge the performances of the bands in competition. There are 4 or 5 judges looking at several different areas during each performance. Awards and given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places based on total points as well as a caption award given for each of the judged areas of performance.

Color Guard: this includes the group of flag bearers and weapons carriers. Weapons usually perform with rifles but might also use flags, sabers, or other items as part of their routine.

Drill: This is the way that the marching band moves on the field during performances.

Forms: These are the lines, shapes, and designs that the band creates on the field during their drill.

Movements: These are the songs that are performed by the bands. Normally there are 4 movement in each band’s performance. One of these must be a ballad, a slower more sentimental song. Bands might alos choose to include a drum break into their show.

Drum break: This is a moment in a band show where the drum line is featured and the hornline does not play. These might be where the hornline needs to move through the drill faster than then can play or performs a visual that cannot be done while playing. This is usually an exciting/ memorable moment in a band performance.