Candidate: Brooks Hansen

Image: Brooks Hansen family

Brooks Hansen family (Submitted photo)

We sent a questionnaire to the six Smithfield City Council candidates. With election day approaching fast (Tuesday, November 8) we will publish their responses in the order we receive them. Our first candidate is Brooks Hansen.


Your Name

Brooks Hansen

Beginning with the most recent position, please list all public offices you have held (include positions on appointed boards or commissions).

I have never held public office

If you ran for elected office but were not elected, please list those races (title and year of race).


Why are you seeking to serve on the Smithfield City Council?

I like to serve people and want to keep Smithfield the best place to live in the valley.

Describe your most important personal characteristics or traits as they relate to the office you seek.

I care about people and their opinions 

Please describe one to three accomplishments or contributions of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to the office you are seeking. These accomplishments may have occurred at any time during your personal, professional or public life.

My biggest accomplishment in my life is my family, my wife is a lifelong Smithfield resident, and  we have 2 wonderful children.  I have volunteered several hours in helping the city in service projects, athletic events, scouting activities, and church activities.  I feel like some of the best service we can do is to give back to our community.

Please describe the duties of the office you seek, in your own words. Which are the most important duties and why?

In my opinion the main duty is to help grow a vibrant city, I have lived in Smithfield for over 30 years. I have seen businesses come and go and many houses be built. Smithfield is great place to live and its a great place for business owners.  We have to keep it that way, a place Residents and Businesses want to call home.

What previous experience do you have running a business, managing employees or controlling a budget?

I am currently the operations manager for my employer and deal with multiple people on a daily basis and oversee several events to make sure things get done in a professional manner.

What endorsements do you now have, or are you seeking?


What do you consider the most important issue facing our town today?

Cost of living, Smithfield is a great place to live and affordable, I feel we are a very conservative city that does a lot with little funds, I would like to keep it that way.

What do you want to accomplish during the next 2 years?

I wouldn’t say that I have one single thing to accomplish, my hope is that in 2 years Smithfield residents can say, “he made a difference” I want to be someone that people can relate to and be able to help resolve and accomplish any of their concerns.