Smithfield approves $387,000 for canal reconstruction project

Image: Logan Northern Canal Reconstruction EIS

Logan Northern Canal Reconstruction EIS (

Smithfield has agreed to join the canal reconstruction project. Last night the Smithfield City Council voted unanimously to sign the cost participation agreement to rebuild the upper and middle canals. Smithfield will pay 15 percent of the project — up to $387,000.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service put together the proposed Emergency Watershed Protection: Logan Northern Canal Reconstruction Project. The NRCS will pay 75 percent of the total estimated $25.8 million cost.

Of the remaining $6.45 million, 60 percent will be covered by the canal companies and the final $2.58 million by the municipalities.

Cost breakdown

City Percent Cost
Logan 40% $1,032,000
North Logan 25% $645,000
Smithfield 15% $387,000
Hyde Park 15% $387,000
Cache County 5% $129,000

Election results

The council canvassed the election last night and approved the final totals. After including all absentee ballots and provisional ballots the results were the same. Jeff Barnes and Dennis Watkins will join the city council along with Brent Buttars who was reelected. Michael Oliverson and Dee Wood will end their terms at the new year.