Valley housing projects’ fate hangs on Obama’s 2012 budget

SMITHFIELD — Last spring the Smithfield City Council approved construction of Park Place subdivision, promoted and sustained by the Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corp. The subdivision has since been completed and is now successfully occupied. Earlier this year, Nibley City Council unanimously supported accommodations needed to prepare their city for similar NNHC developments.

Today the future of this nonprofit corporation, as well as its current and pending housing projects, is threatened by federal budget cuts.

“There have been some signs that the president is looking to consolidate or decrease all the affordable housing programs,” said NNHC’s Executive Director Kim Datwyler. “We don’t know what to expect.”

NNHC’s David Frandsen explained last year’s course of events. President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2012 proposal suggested completely eliminating federal funding for programs offering affordable housing. Though the funds experienced a budget cut from prior years, the Senate was able to overturn the proposition, guaranteeing financial support through August 2012.

“If people are interested in being homeowners through the program, we know there is funding through the end of August,” Datwayler said. “And then we will see what happens.”

The organization now anxiously awaits the results of the 2013 budget allowance, she said.

“The president’s budget is being released Monday,” Datwyler said Thursday morning, anticipating the upcoming week. “We will hear, at least, what his goal is.” The federal government’s fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 and is presented to the nation every February.

Hard News Café has been unable to contact Datwyler for updated information, though the President’s fiscal year 2013 budget proposal has been rescheduled for release on Feb. 15. Hard News Café is scheduled to meet with Datwyler later this week and following the budget proposal next Wednesday.

Published in cooperation with the Hard News Cafe. Original story is here.