Sky View puts on another stellar show with Beauty and the Beast

Image: Gaston played by Corbin Lee is swooned upon by village girls.

Gaston played by Corbin Lee is swooned upon by village girls. (Corey Burger)

In the mid 1700’s the fairytale of a spoiled prince that is turned into a hideous beast, by a spurned enchantress, spread its way throughout France.  Then in 1991 Walt Disney popularized the fairytale in his musical adaptation called Beauty and the Beast.  This week and next the Sky High Players are blowing the roof off the auditorium at Sky View with their rendition of the musical.

Taylor Regen is the beautiful live version of Belle.  Her flawless performance and lovely singing voice truly capture the character in her portrayal of the outcast daughter of an inventor branded as a kook by the villagers.

Regen has participated in many musicals throughout her Sky View career, and will later be doing the Murder Mystery and possibly West Side Story.  Taylor summed up her experience in this show by saying, “This has just been so unique because I’ve never really been a lead in a musical, and it’s been such an awesome experience.  Working with a cast like this has been a unique experience in and of its self.  It’s probably been one of the best experiences of my high school career.” 

Getting to play a princess was a great honor for Regan and she has enjoyed the young girls whose eyes light up when they see her in her dresses.  Regen commented, “Oh my gosh, that is one of my favorite things, seeing all these little girls that dream of being princesses because I was definitely in their same spot.  It’s like my favorite thing just to make their dreams come true a little bit.”

The Beast is brought to life by Mr. Sky View himself Grant Fuller.  His performance is powerful and the costuming is remarkable.  

When asked how Sky View always manages to pull off such great performances Fuller gave a shout out to director Nan Wharton, “It starts with her she’s so amazing and we love her so much.  Without her we definitely wouldn’t be half as good as we are.  Then it comes from the cast, and the set crew, and the orchestra.  We spend so much time together that we become one huge family.”

Fuller is planning on performing again in the Three Act Plays later this spring.  Having performed for his entire career Grant spoke of how he will feel when the last curtain falls, “To watch it go away is going to be hard, but I’m going to be glad that I did this . . . I’ll never regret having done this.”

Gaston is a show stealer as portrayed by Corbin Lee.  In his first ever production Lee’s an instant hit with impressive singing talent and a wonderful version of the haughty Gaston.

Lee has had to get used to adding make up to his long hair that he has sported during the football season, and could not cut until after the play. “Let’s just say I’m not used to it, every time I look in the mirror, and I have long hair it doesn’t help.  I think I look exactly like a girl.  So, its a relief when I get to take it off.”

Speaking of his first theatrical experience Lee commented, “At first I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t used to it, just because I’m used to the football crowd you know.  Then I come to these guys and it is a little different at first but I adjusted well and it is super fun.  I’ve made a ton of new friends, we have an amazing cast.  You couldn’t cast any of these characters any better.”

Lee has made a career out of intercepting passes on the football field, and he gets to throw a few in the direction of Belle played by Taylor Regen in this performance.  He didn’t seem too disappointed in the fact that he gets to steal a kiss from the lead character either.

Attendee’s will be enraptured by the rest of the cast and the amazing scenery and costumes.  Lumiere, Cosgsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, The Wardrobe, and Babette are the living embodiment of the characters brought to life in the Disney version of the fairytale.

Chip, played by Caden Stuart steals your heart with his wonderful performance, while attendee’s can have fun spotting featured cast member Vice Principle Joel Allred who plays the Tavern Keeper.

The Sky High Players, orchestra, cast, crew, and directors of nearly 100 people, have been and will be busy with this production as they will do 12 separate performances in the 2012 run of the annual musical.  The show opened Thursday evening with the opening show and was followed up with additional evening shows on Friday and Saturday, with a Saturday matinee show thrown in for good measure.

If you have not yet seen the show you need not fear as there will be ample opportunity to see it for the first time, or see it again if you’ve already attended.  

Monday, night could be an easy solution to your family night plans as there will be a 7:30 p.m. showing. The curtains will go up again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.  The doors open for each performance at 7:00 p.m.

The cast has a special treat for those who wish to get to know them as they are hosting an Enchanted Castle Tea Party at 2:00 p.m., and again at 3:00 p.m., on Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased in advance by going to, and are available for purchas at the door. Ticket prices are $5.00 – $7.00 for the performances, and $12.00 for the Enchanted Tea Party.

My recommendation the only people who should not see this show are those with out a pulse.  All others will love it.