Sky View hosts winter choral concert


(Corey Burger)

On Thursday, February 23rd the Sky View choir hosted their annual winter concert.  The concert featured various musical groups, and ranged from traditional  music such as Mozart to Bon Jovi.

The Sky View groups participating in the concert included Encore, the Women’s Choir, the Sky View Avenue (Chamber Choir), and a few features including original works by various choir members.

Soloists included Maddi Radford, and Alex Owens on “Tell My Ma.”  Kortnee Smith, Paige Rappleye, and, Lindy Clegg on “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears.”  Lexi Stott and Joe Orr on “Just a Kiss.”  Azure Kline on “Deep River.”  Kayla Savage, Lexi Hewitt, Brock Wilson and Sean Schilling on “Plenty Good Room.”  Dakota Burt on “Stand By Me.”  Jessica Christensen and Joe Orr on “Livin’ On a Prayer.”

Original works were performed by DJ Hinkson with “Believe,” and Harper Forsgren with “Tracing Circles.”

Several students received letters and bars for achievement in the musical organizations at Sky View.