P&Z renews conditional-use permit for Richmond family’s pigs

RICHMOND – The Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday decided to continue allowing pigs to be raised on Branden Jensen’s property.

Chairman Chris Anderson presided over the meeting. He said he hadn’t heard of any complaints about Jensen raising pigs. The commission unanimously approved the renewal of Jensen’s conditional use permit and pointed out several conditions for raising pigs.

“To raise three spare pigs at your house with a maximum number of six adult pigs at any given time, with the exception of a breeding sow,” Anderson said. “All other pigs must be sold, or otherwise disposed of, following the annual county fair.”

Jensen said this is the second year his family will be raising pigs to sell at the Cache County Fair. He said last year only one piglet survived, but they hope for better luck with the two piglets they have this year.

The pigs are raised by Jensen’s daughter Madelyn. Jensen said Madelyn does most of the work. “It’s her project,” he said. “It’s all for the kids, she does it all and I just assist.”

Madelyn said raising pigs for the county fair was her father’s idea. “He just asked me if I wanted to do it,” she said.

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