Smithfield cyclist survives crash, shows up for his own benefit dinner

SMITHFIELD—They call him Miracle Man. After an extreme bicycling accident on July 7, Smithfield resident Scott Archibald feels blessed to be alive. Hit by a truck coming down Emigration Canyon, Archibald broke or bruised every bone and muscle in his body.

When he arrived at the University of Utah trauma unit he was not expected to live through the night. However, on Oct. 13 he showed up to his own benefit dinner standing by the door and greeting everyone personally, his eyes often filling with tears as he embraced friends and neighbors, simply saying thank you.

“This whole experience is amazing, humbling and extremely overwhelming,” Archibald said. “It’s amazing to see all the help and support of the community. Tonight’s definitely a miracle, and I just had to be here to say thanks to everyone.”

“This is just amazing,” said his friend Ryan Bates. “I truly didn’t expect him to be standing at the door.”

According to Laurie Jones, Archibald’s employee at Sunrise Engineering, about 500 people showed up to support Archibald and participate in the fundraiser. Jones and Archibald’s sister-in-law, Sharla Archibald, headed up the event.

“He continues to improve every day—faster than anyone predicted,” Jones said. “He’s doing amazingly well. Right now he just needs time.”

The Smithfield Youth Council volunteered to help run the event.

“There is a lot of community support here tonight,” said April Godderidge, the adviser for the Smithfield Youth Council.

The fundraiser included a silent auction, a live auction, a bake sale and dinner. According to Jones, nearly everything was donated by businesses and individuals in the community.

“We don’t have a final count of how much money we raised, but we’re in about the $25,000 range,” Jones said. “All of the money will go to Scott and his family to help pay his medical bills.”

Archibald just finished his eighteenth surgery since the accident. He still has several more surgeries planned, as well as physical therapy to heal nerve damage, but according to Archibald most of his injuries have come and gone.

“I have seen countless miracles since my accident,” Archibald said. “I didn’t ask for all of this, people just saw the need and helped out. I love and appreciate all of this kindness and generosity.”

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