Smithfield mayor hopes new homes will attract more families

SMITHFIELD — The fourth phase of Stone Haven, a new housing development in Smithfield, was completed earlier this week, en route to its sixth and final phase projected to be finished in 2016.

Smithfield Mayor Darrell Simmons believes these townhomes will complement the area’s growth quite nicely.

“Our city is really growing and doing things the right way. We have a lot of good families here, and with nice housing additions such as this we hope to attract even more good families.” said the mayor. “We are moving in a positive direction without losing sight of what the community stands for.”

What makes this housing development unique? Aside from a variety of townhomes and a snazzy clubhouse, Stone Haven will be home to Utah’s first residential waterpark, says Ryan Rogers, president of North Ridge Development, which is heading the project with the help of Sadler Construction.

“We are real excited about it,” said Rogers. “Not only will there be a water park here but thus far these homes have done big things for the city economically and local businesses. Lee’s has been packed every time I go in there.”

The housing development is also close to the highway, some local eateries, gas stations and most noticeably Sky View High School. Although the waterpark isn’t expected to be finished for at least another year, Rogers says, it is an attractive feature for potential residents. Stone Haven is located at 121 E. 780 South just a few blocks away from the school. Of the 172 projected units, 68 have already been sold and are being current inhabited.

With growth and construction usually comes repercussion at some end. Perhaps that won’t be the case.

“We had actually anticipated a little bit of concern from residents in the area,” explained Rogers. “But to our surprise there have been no complaints at city meetings whatsoever. From what we have seen this development has only helped Smithfield. We feel like traffic shouldn’t be an issue either because of the easy access from the highway.”

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