Lonnie Loveday: A life of service and jokes

Image: Lonnie Loveday: Friend to all, servant to many!

A few blocks east of the city office sits a conservative home, with a nicely landscaped and well kept yard. Inside lives a man who has spent his life serving the community and making life better for the residents of Utah. Oh, and if you stop by you’ll most likely leave with a new friend and a few new jokes to tell as well.

Earl Lindley — The pearl of the gridiron

Image: Earl and Marilyn Lindley returning to Edmonton with the Grey Cup

A native of Wellsville, Utah, Earl Lindley now lives a simple life. He wakes up just like any other man, has 24 grandchildren, and goes on vacation with his family. He lives in a nice home with his wife Marilyn on the outskirts of Smithfield and is active in his community.