Sky View High School Presents: Oklahoma!

Image: Oklahoma! — Sky View’s orchestra and female cast perform one of the many great numbers from the musical — Oklahoma!

Oklahoma! — Sky View’s orchestra and female cast perform one of the many great numbers from the musical — Oklahoma! (Dave South)

Sky View High School’s auditorium was filled the nights of February 3-6 and 8th as the drama department presented Oklahoma. 70 cast members along with the entire sound and light crew were able to make this possible after three months of hard work.

Auditions were held in the middle of November for the 13 speaking parts. Anyone who did not receive one of these parts was able to be part of the ensemble. Performers were enrolled in the first hour Musical class for the entirety of second trimester.

During the Musical class students memorized their lines, practiced the dances, and brushed up on their acting. There were also early mornings and after school rehearsals for the performers. When asked about the early mornings McKenna Partridge, 10th, replied, “There were too many to count and we had to wake up really early in the morning, but without them the show wouldn’t have been such a success.”

Nicki Freedman, 12th, summarized the plot of Oklahoma as, “Curly and Laurie are in love, but Judd is also in love with Laurie and wants to be with her. After Laurie and Curly’s wedding Jud and Curly get in a fight that ends up with Jud running into a knife and dying.” The musical contained two story lines: The romance of Laurie and Curly and the secondary romance of flirtatious Ado Annie and her long-suffering fiance Will Parker.

Curly McLain was played by Josh Hilton, Laurey Williams by Marissa Olsen, Kensi Miglori as Ado Annie, Will Sorensen as Will Parker, and Jerimiah Bowen as Jud Fry.

Overall the musical was a huge success. The performance of Oklahoma was able to raise money for the Drama Department and give the students an opportunity in producing and acting in a live performance. Watch out for the Three Act Plays coming in May.


  • Aunt Eller … Marisa Allen
  • Curly McLain … Josh Hilton
  • Laurey Williams … Marissa Olson
  • Ike Skidmore … Tayler Jensen
  • Fred … Nathan Johnson
  • Slim … Dillan Bennett
  • Will Parker … Will Sorensen
  • Jud Fry … Jeremiah Bowen
  • Ado Annie Carnes … Kensie Migliori
  • Ali Hakim … Colton Iverson
  • Gertie Cummings … Morgan Flandro
  • Ellen … Cami Trappett
  • Vivienne … sarah sidwell
  • Kate … McKinzie Moore
  • Sylvie … Kelby Partridge
  • Armina … Taylor Valdez
  • Aggie … Kenzie Hansen
  • Faye … Azure Kline
  • Virginia … Jordan Petersen
  • Joan … Anney Haws
  • Andrew Carnes … Jacob Thomas
  • Cord Elam … Grant Fuller
  • Jess … Max benson
  • Chalmers … Tyler Jones
  • Mike … Michael Huber
  • Joe … Avery Sims
  • Sam … Boone Hansen
  • Dream Laurie Williams … Taylor Valdez
  • Dream Curly McLain … Nathan Johnson


  • Sharlee Andrew
  • Natalie Benson
  • Melanie Buchanan
  • Breanna Clarke
  • Christina Flaspoehler
  • Noelle Flint
  • Nicki Freeman
  • Paige Godwin
  • Keri Hansen
  • Janessa Higbee
  • Whitney Hougaard
  • Madison Huber
  • Bailee Huskinson
  • Kenzi Huskinson
  • Jason Ibanez
  • Jessica Jarvis
  • Morgan Jenkins
  • Katie King
  • Skylar Little
  • Shellie Lusk
  • Karissa Maughan
  • Kylee Merri
  • Jamille parks
  • McKenna Partridge
  • Bryce Peterson
  • Jordin Petersen
  • Melinda Potts
  • Taylor Regen
  • Alexys Shauers
  • Emily Shirley
  • Tracy Soto
  • Shaylie Stewart
  • Abrianne Storey
  • Danica Stott
  • nana Taghiyeza
  • Kassi Thain
  • Corey Warren
  • Serena von Niederhausern
  • Brock Wilson
  • Heather Wood
  • Accompanist: Katherine Golightly