The parade route…

I’ve lived in wonderful Smithfield all of my life. It is a great place to raise a family. And, as a young person I remember those glorious Health Day Parades down Main Street. Many years ago my mother was the director for the parade. We had floats, numerous bands, and even F-16 Fighter jets fly over at the precise moment when the parade started. I am deeply saddened that the parade will not be on are beautiful tree lined Main Street. Those who have not lived here that long or who have no sense of tradition do not realize what this means to we long time residents.

Two hours! That’s all, two hours! Mayor, where are you on this? Stand up for the people. We’ve had no problems over the years with thru traffic going on the side street. Anyway, they could be monitored or even escorted for those two hours. How sad for all of us that this feeling of tradition has gone with the wind.

The side street for a parade just doesn’t cut it. We feel on top of each other and the parade participants. Also the parade has gotten so commercial…what happened…bring back the floats, the horses, more vintage cars, clowns, children…much more.

My mother, Burdetta Thorpe Harris, who was Citzen of the Year, in this parade a long time ago, would roll over in her grave if she saw how all of this has gone so down hill. And, I know there are alot of we long time residents that feel the same way.

Please, take another look. *Bring back the parade and put it on Main Street where it belongs.

That’s the American WAY!
Ruth Harris Swaner