Smithfield Library needs your help

Would you or someone you know use the Smithfield Library more if we could access it more easily, that is push a stroller in or park off street and walk right in with several kids any time of year? Tonight at 6 PM a very important Public Hearing is being held in the City offices (96 South Main) to approve the Library project funding.

Swift water scare prompts another warning to be careful

Yesterday, a six year old girl fell into Summit Creek at Mack Park.  She was immediately swept down stream by the swift water.  Fortunately, she was able was able to pull herself from the water a block away from where she fell in.  Her parents were close by, but the water flow is fast and powerful. She suffered mild hypothermia.

Thanks for the stories and pictures

Please accept my most heart-felt thanks for the outstanding coverage you give to all Sky View athletes, and in particular, my son Casey. The Smithfield Sun had the best stories, most accurate accounts, and by far the most outstanding photography.

Organic news

As the parent of a Sky View High student and athlete, and as a resident of Smithfield, I love the local focus and the community feel of the Smithfield Sun. The photos and stories, as well the clean design and format, have earned the Sun a bookmark on my browser. Reading the Smithfield Sun feels like the journalistic equivalent of buying locally grown, organic produce. Thank you.

The parade route…

I’ve lived in wonderful Smithfield all of my life. It is a great place to raise a family. And, as a young person I remember those glorious Health Day Parades down Main Street. Many years ago my mother was the director for the parade. We had floats, numerous bands, and even F-16 Fighter jets fly over at the precise moment when the parade started. I am deeply saddened that the parade will not be on are beautiful tree lined Main Street. Those who have not lived here that long or who have no sense of tradition do not realize what this means to we long time residents.

Where a few make a huge difference in politics

On March 23rd delegates from each local caucus will be chosen to represent you at the state nominating convention in Salt Lake City to determine the nominees for U.S. Senate and other elected offices. It is crucial that you attend your caucus meeting and make your voice heard. The Constitution of the United States mandates all citizens the freedom and the duty to decide who we, the people, want to represent us in our democratic government.