Hyde park clarifies parking ticket appeals process

HYDE PARK—A parking ordinance was amended by the City Council Wednesday. Ordinance 2011-02 amended ordinance 2008-01 which was unclear about the process of appealing a parking ticket. The new ordinance informs residents that they are allowed to submit an appeal in writing to be considered by a hearing officer.

City Recorder Marsha Hymas proposed to the council that applications for an appeal require a fee. Hymas said Mayor Bryan Cox seemed to feel that the applications needed a fee, due to the amount of clerical work required to process the appeal.

The council expressed concern that adding a fee would discourage residents from entering into the appeals process. Councilman Robert Christensen said, “If it’s not going to benefit anyone, it seems to be a moot point.”

Councilman Charles Wheeler moved that a public hearing be set up for the issue. Councilwoman Carol Johnson seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

A public hearing about an ordinance adopting restrictions on the manufacture, distribution, possession or use of synthetic cannabinoids within Hyde Park was cancelled. Councilman Brent Kelly commented that the State Legislature was in the process of making a decision about synthetic cannabinoids. He expressed his concern that if Hyde Park adopted restrictions on synthetic cannabinoids now, the Legislature’s ruling would eventually take precedence over the city’s ordinance. He then moved to put a hold on the ordinance until the Legislature makes a decision. Christensen seconded the motion and it passed with a vote of 3-2.

The council asked Johnson to write a letter to the Legislature urging them to move forward with a decision.

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