Couple can rent their home out, N. Logan planning commission says

NORTH LOGAN – One couple can sleep peacefully, knowing their tenants have been granted legal rights to occupy their home after Thursday’s North Logan Planning Commission meeting.

Richard Wood and his spouse began renting out their home last year while they were away on an LDS mission to China. The upper floor of the home has since been in a renovation process, and the current occupants were forced to live in the home’s basement apartment.

The Woods have been living in a cab-over camper in their garage during the renovation, and are considering yet another year-long church endeavor. They therefore felt the need to apply for a conditional use permit.

The planning commission requires an application for the permit to be filled out by the owners, the home to be inspected and that the home allow entrance to both levels from the outdoors. The home in question has passed all requirements.

The permit allows the other neighbors the right to legally occupy a home not inhabited by its owners, and was granted by the commission providing the renovation be completed by Jan. 1, 2012.

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