Hyde Park makes changes to roads, residential setback requirements

HYDE PARK — When you drive down the road, you might not pay attention to how many feet are between the road and someone’s property, or how many side roads connect to that road. Hyde Park City Council pays attention, and those were hot topics at Wednesday’s council meeting.

The council also approved the addition of 66 feet of road at approximately 3800 North from U.S. Highway 91. Councilman Brent Kelly, the only council member to oppose this, said he is concerned for the safety of the people who use that road.

“I know that somebody’s going to die on that road once it’s built,” he said.

Reed Elder, a planning commissioner, said if issues arise they will stop cross traffic on that road and make it all right hand turns, decreasing the possibility of accidents.

Councilman Bret Randall said the biggest contributor to traffic accidents is traffic lights. He said he didn’t feel like the extension would add to any accidents.

Having stated his concerns, Kelly said he had no strong feelings about but he needed to bring that to everyone’s attention.

The council also approved unanimously an amendment to the city zoning ordinance that regulates space between a property and the road. This was in response to a proposal submitted by Roger and Valarie Donohoe for a property they’ve been looking at. The new amendment provides a 20-foot restriction, where before it was 30 feet.

Elder said the new amendment will still maintain safety and also help properties that were limited by this restriction.

Valerie Donohoe said how grateful she was for this approval. She said they have been waiting for this for some time and she and her husband are very happy for it. “You’ll be proud of us,” she said.

In other business, the council approved the Operating Agreement for the Logan, Hyde Park and Smithfield canal system, the Logan and Northern canals.

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