Hyde Park Planning Commission amends highway access law

HYDE PARK — Beautifying roadways and making them safer were on the agenda for the Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday. They discussed maintaining a 99-foot right-of-way on 3700 North St. but decreasing the amount of asphalt.

“It beautifies what we have instead of filling it with asphalt,” said Commissioner Reed Elder.

Commissioner Mike Balls said it would help the buildings on either side and create a better atmosphere in the area.

Measurements of the road still need to be taken and the issue will be discussed at the next planning and zoning meeting, and taken to a public hearing in City Council.

In other business, the commission discussed the amendment of the ordinance pertaining to distance between access roads from intersections. Intermountain Health Care is planning on building a small clinic in Hyde Park but is having problems with highway access.

The commission amended the ordinance in a unanimous vote to 150 feet from 300 feet.

Balls said they don’t want to create hardships for other properties. The discussion proceeded and Reed said 300 feet was excessive.

Commissioner Mark Lynne said that all minor roads would make the change to 150 feet and the major roads would stay at 300 feet.

“Safety is the only issue,” Elder said. “It’ll be very useful for our community.”

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