North Logan Library offers free programs for everyone

NORTH LOGAN–Jaylene Blair, head librarian at the North Logan City Library, wants everyone to know: Library classes and activities are free and available to everyone. Whether or not you are a North Logan resident, whether or not you possess a library card, the library’s facilities are open and available to the entirety of Cache Valley.

“Anyone is welcome,” Blair said. “And we are still trying to get the word out.”

With programs designed for every age, the library hosts an assortment of weekly classes, seminars and activities. “Anyone can come to any activity,” said library programmer Geri Cunningham.

The Storytime program, offered every Tuesday and various Wednesdays throughout the month, was created for the entertainment of Cache Valley’s youngest generation; an opportunity to involve children in an hour of book reading, every week. Together with their parents, toddlers and preschoolers are invited to attend Storytime and Sleepytime—no registration needed. “It’s really cute,” Cunningham said. “It’s been really fun.”

Teen Activity Days, offered on designated Thursdays throughout the month, is solely dedicated to the teenagers of the valley and includes the involvement of a Teen Advisory Board. It “really is driven mostly by them,” Cunningham said. “They do a good job at letting us know what they’re interested in.”

Blair explained that the purpose of this adolescent-focused program is to “get the teens to want to come to the library, and really to get them reading.” She said that those in attendance have an opportunity to meet others their age, gain a sense of community involvement and find an excitement for reading.

“We try to fill a niche that hasn’t already been filled,” Cunningham said, acknowledging the other pastimes local teens are involved with: sports, church programs, music. “I’m excited to get more people into the library. Hopefully we can take the programs and make them bigger.”

The library also offers adult programs, including but not limited to the North Logan City Library Book Club Discussion Group.

Technology training classes are held to familiarize the community with various means of technology such as tablets, smartphones and computer software. This program is intended to refine the user’s ability and remind participants that the library and technology can be integrated resources.

“We’re trying to mesh the two worlds,” Cunningham said. To show “one can supplement the other.”

The Book Club Discussion Group meeting dates are scheduled on the North Logan City Library calendar, on a monthly basis.

An activity designed for school-aged children with be held Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. Games, crafts and treat will be provided.

Teen Activity Days will be attending North Logan’s Pumpkin Walk Oct. 18, and the library will be hosting an October read-a-thon Oct. 25. Contact the library for details.

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