North Logan council considers how to prevent child abuse

NORTH LOGAN — “North Logan city’s greatest asset is our children, now and for the future… All children deserve to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment to ensure they reach their full potential.”

Those are the words from the newly ratified proclamation by the North Logan City Council.

The council met Wednesday and entertained a proposal to proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month for the city. It was unanimously passed.

However, the proclamation was not passed without discussion.

“I think adopting the resolution is great,” said Councilwoman Kristen Anderson. “I just want to know what we would actually do to help prevention of abuse.”

“I don’t know if we have anything specifically planned for child abuse prevention and maybe we should,” Mayor Lloyd Berentzen said.

Anderson voiced concern about educating citizens and encouraging them to actively help protect children. She proposed that a copy of the proclamation be sent to all North Logan citizens as part of the April newsletter.

Ultimately, the council agreed that something needed to be done and that they would support the idea of the proclamation’s inclusion in the upcoming newsletter.

Berentzen said that the council was approached by the Cache Child & Family Support Center to adopt the resolution with the intent of raising public awareness.

“I think a formal resolution is what they are really after in this particular case, and supporting them in this effort,” he said. “Certainly we will try to maybe put something in the newsletter and any other activities that would be appropriate.”

Specifics about what other activities the city would sponsor were not discussed during the meeting.

Councilwoman Nancy Potter moved that the council adopt the proclamation and immediately received a second from Councilman Damon Cann. The proclamation was then approved by the council.

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