Reeder kickstarts second novel

Image: Cover for Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café

After a successful novel-writing experience last summer, Smithfield resident Marty Reeder is looking to repeat this year by writing a proposed young adult novel titled Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café, releasing it one chapter per week in e-reader formats starting this fall.

Journalism teacher writing young adult novel using ‘novel’ process

Image: Cover for Once Upon a Fjord by Marty Reeder

Marty Reeder has been teaching his students the art of writing for years. Reading and writing is his passion day in and day out. He is always encouraging all Sky View students to read and find their passion for literature, and he is consistently showing them by example. Mr. Reeder is infamous for always having a book just an arm’s length away.

Creating rainbows

Image: Fire department creates rainbows

On Wednesday I saw the fire truck over by the school emptying a water tank truck. I have seen them do this several times. This time it created interesting rainbows.

Winter’s moment in time


I love weather and how it affects the light and color of all things of nature. My favorite times to photograph are weather related; the best times of day are the first 3 hours just after the sun starts to rise, and the last 3 hours as the sun drops into the western horizon. The colors and hues of colors along with slanted light create an amazing palate of color, with radiant and delicate hues adding drama to each captured moment. I refer to these times as “Mother Nature’s Moments of Glory”