Plat approved for Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation

SMITHFIELD—The Smithfield City Council voted unanimously to approve the final plat for the Park Place Subdivision located at 600 West and 250 North, pending a final review by City Attorney Bruce Jorgensen. Mayor Simmons expressed concern about a lawsuit filed against Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation (NNHC). “I know the parties involved aren’t happy about this pending approval tonight. My concern is this: Has everything been conducted to the letter of the law?”

Agenda: Park Place subdivision phase 2, road repair county agreement

The Smithfield City Council meets this Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Items scheduled for consideration are: phase 2 of the Park Place subdivision (600 W 250 N) by the Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation, presentation by university students on futures uses of the existing library building, inter-local agreement with Cache County for road repairs, Planned Unit Development handout.

Rennovation will give police a new home

Image: Rendering of renovated police station — The official renovation design by Nexus for the exterior of the current city office building, which will be the Smithfield Police Department.

The Smithfield Police Department facility will grow from approximately 800 square feet to 5000 square feet after the renovation of the current building is completed. “When the citizens come in, it will be one-stop shopping for law enforcement. It will be easier to find where they need to go to have their needs met,” Chief of Police Johnny McCoy said.

Smithfield adopts six-member council government ordinance

SMITHFIELD—Smithfield City Council voted unanimously to adopt a six-member council form of government (Ordinance 10-02). Councilman Mike Oliverson was not in attendance. Mayor Darrell Simmons said that after a lot of discussion and review, no significant changes were made to the ordinance after the public hearing held on March 9. Mayor Simmons said that under this ordinance, the mayor holds people accountable. “This ordinance is like a house. It will have to be remodeled from time to time, and it may have a few broken windows, but we have to move forward.”

Agenda: Council to consider city management ordinance on Wednesday

The Smithfield City Council will consider the city management ordinance this Wednesday at their regular meeting. Citizens expressed concerns at a public hearing in March about this ordinance and the powers and duties of the City Manager. The council has the option to continue working on the ordinance, adopting it as-is, or to seek further public input. The council will also consider ordinances about procedures for written minutes and rules of conduct at city council meetings. Mayor Simmons is expected to read a proclamation declaring May 8 as Arbor Day plus there will be reports on the new city offices, changes to the existing building, and the Civic Center upgrade. *[UPDATED: Boy scout proclamation]

Agenda: Smithfield City budget workshop

The Smithfield City Council is holding their annual budget workshop Wednesday at the Smithfield senior center. According to the agenda “The purpose of the meeting is for members of the City Council to give/receive preliminary input for the preparation of the Fiscal Year 2010/2011 Budget.” The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Agenda: Child abuse prevention month

It looks like a fairly light agenda for tomorrow’s Smithfield City Council meeting. To be considered: A&D Landscaping permit to move shed, presentation from Child and Family Support Center, proclamation declaring April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month”. The council meets at 6:30 p.m. in the city council chambers at 69 N Main. The meeting is open to the public.

Agenda: Planning commission, Monte Vista hearing

The Smithfield Planning Commission meets Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. to consider: amending the “planned unit development” ordinance, phase-2 of Park Place Subdivision, public hearing of Monte Vista 19 lot commercial subdivision at 531 South Main. The commission meets in the city council chambers at city hall.

Nexus awarded contract to remodel police station

SMITHFIELD—The Smithfield City Council voted for Mayor Darrell Simmons to sign a contract with Architectural Nexus for the remodel of the current city office for the Smithfield Police Department. Rob Bouwhuis from Nexus presented the contract details and design to the council. “We’ve proceeded with a design at our own risk. It’s higher on the structural end due to the structural needs of the building. I feel it’s a fair fee of $37,850.”

Citizens voice concerns over city manager powers & responsibilities


SMITHFIELD—There was no change to the Smithfield form of municipal government made at the public hearing held last night at the Senior Citizen Center. “Obviously, we won’t vote on this tonight. We, the council, are going to take some more time to review this. It will be put on an agenda and we will discuss this,” said Mayor Darrell Simmons. Mayor Simmons said the purpose of this meeting was to define the structure and framework of the Smithfield form of government. “This public hearing is a two-way street. It’s a time for the council to hear from the people and it is also a time for the people to hear from the council.”

Smithfield City Council gets a tour of unfinished new building

Image: Touring new city hall — City Manager Jim Gass gives Smithfield City Council a tour of the new city office building. City Councilwoman Kris Monson and City Councilman Michael Oliverson pictured in unfinished courtroom, which will be location of city council meetings.

SMITHFIELD—“The mayor and I wrestled, I won, so I got the bigger office,” City Manager Jim Gass joked during a tour of the new city office building. Gass showed the council the new city offices, including the new map room, jury room, attorney room, cemetery room and a community classroom. Gass said currently, a jail cell is being used to store city maps and attorneys have to borrow an office to meet with their clients.

Agenda: Architect for old city hall remodel

The Smithfield City Council is touring the new city offices this Wednesday prior to their regular council meeting. After their tour, the council will convene at 6:30 p.m. to discuss: changing the public hearing for government ordinance to March 9, contracting with Nexus architecture to remodel the old city offices into a police station, and to discuss the canal upgrade project.

Smithfield FD explains emergency response effort to city council

SMITHFIELD—Smithfield Fire Chief Jay Downs outlined how his Emergency Management division will coordinate emergency response efforts at the Smithfield City Council meeting Wednesday night. “This is a new program; we’ve only been doing it about a year. We are still looking to improve and grow and we are always looking for volunteers,” Downs said.

Agenda: Stone Haven planned development, disaster mitigation plan

The Smithfield City council meets this Wednesday evening. On the agenda: request to approve Stone Haven planned unit development zoning, pre-disaster mitigation plan, “prevailing fee schedule for 2010,” and setting a date for a public hearing regarding changes in the city manager form of government. The council meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at city hall (69 N Main). It is open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend. (Note: The RDA meeting has been postponed until February 24.)

Hyde Park annexation agreement, canal update, new personnel

Newly elected Mayor Darrell Simmons led his first city council meeting Wednesday night. “You know what it means to cut teeth?” asked Simmons of the sizable audience. “We’re cutting teeth tonight.” Everyone laughed and someone in the back added, “Hopefully without the crying.” The council considered many items including an agreement with Hyde Park over annexation, a proposal by the county to require permits for events using county land, and an update on the canal reconstruction.

Simmons takes oath as new mayor of Smithfield

Image: Clegg giving the oath — City Recorder Dean Clegg giving the oath of office to Barbara Kent, Darrell Simmons and Kris Monson.

Darrell Simmons took the oath of office Monday night as the new mayor of Smithfield. He was joined by new city councilwoman Barbara Scholes Kent and by returning councilwoman Kris Monson. “This is about the only time I get to tell the mayor what to do,” joked City Recorder Dean Clegg as he instructed the trio to raise their arm and repeat the oath of office as he read it to them. Family, friends, citizens and city employees watched as the three finished their oath and became officers of the City of Smithfield.

Airport presentation asks for zoning overlay in south Smithfield

Image: Watkins and Downs — Councilman Dennis Watkins and Mayor Chad Downs with their plaques in commemoration of their service to the city. Wednesday night was their last “official” meeting.

A zoning overlay to help protect the airport was requested at the Smithfield City Council meeting Wednesday night. Kelly Gillman of CRSA and Shawn Shuler of J-U-B Engineers, Inc. presented updates to the Logan-Cache Airport master plan. One of the concerns is how the air traffic is impacted by south Smithfield. Developments with lots of bright lights or tall building can cause problems for aircraft landing or taking off. They recommended the city adopt an overlay ordinance to protect against developments which encroach on the airport.

Agenda: Canvass election, honor citizen

The Smithfield City Council meets tonight to consider: approval of plat for Ridgeview subdivision, canvass votes from election, franchise agreement with Comcast, and proclamation to honor a Smithfield citizen. The council meets at 6:30 p.m. at city hall (69 N Main St).

Smithfield council approves Stone Haven housing development

SMITHFIELD — After many questions and a few adjustments, the City Council approved a preliminary plan for Stone Haven planned unit development, from 50 to 180 East and 600 to 800 South. Ryan Rogers, an agent for North Ridge Development, presented the plan and explained exactly what was in store for the development.